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VideoCoin Token
Token Pools
Tokens Sold in Presale
105.83 Million

Presale was limited to qualified accredited investors within the United States, and qualified investors outside the United States

Lifetime Token Supply
265 Million
Inflating Mining Pool
617.3 Million

DISCLAIMER: The following summary of terms and description of the sale of tokens by the Videocoin Development Association Ltd. is preliminary and subject to revision. This summary is qualified in its entirety by reference to the token sale website Videocoin.io. This is not an offer of any security or a solicitation of offers to buy any security.

Rewards For Work Without Inflation

Our new token model rewards workers/miners without creating new tokens with VideoCoin (from fees) and Fiat.

March 2019
Updated Tokenomics
Original Token Allocations

The original tokenomics allocated block rewards to workers/miners with newly minted VideoCoin tokens for the first ten years

Reduced To

Refined Permanent Supply

Workers are now rewarded with fiat and VideoCoin, eliminating token inflation and reducing the total supply by 70%

Limited To

Limit First-Year Circulation

Lockups of non-presale tokens (including Service Providers) limits available tokens to only 14% of the original supply

Updated Network Supply & Release Schedule

With our new unique token economy to pay workers, token inflation has been elimated and total supply cut by 70%. The supply will be further reduced to 14% with a first year lockup of non presale tokens.

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