VideoCoin Network
The Future Of Blockchain Staking
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    Cash Payment Calculator

    First and only project to make customer payments easy by directly taking credit card payments.

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    Passes through the VideoCoin Network
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    Workers Rewarded 80%

    First and only project to give workers the choice to receive rewards in cash or VID.

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    Delegators Rewarded 20% min.

    First and only project to give delegators the choice to receive rewards in cash or VID.

80% In Cash
Rewards for Workers
Worker Nodes earn up to 80% of fees from a completed job.
  • Industry First
    Choose how you get rewarded: Cash or VID.
20% In Cash Rewards To Delegates
Delegates receive a minimum 20% of workers cash earned for a job completed.
  • Industry First
    Choose how you get rewarded: Cash or VID.
  • Worker Node
    50,000 VID minimum stake
    *minimum will be re-evaluated every month
  • Delegate
    1 VID token minimum to stake
Secure but
Attainable Minimums
Worker Node minimums are far lower than the $8.6M USD average minimum stake on similar projects.
No Inflation Means Real Rewards
VideoCoin Network rewards Workers and Delegators up to 80% of the price paid by publishers in cash, rather than from the minting of new tokens to pay rewards.

Other projects' inflation-based reward systems continually add supply into the market assuming demand will continuously increase at the same rate, in order to keep the value of the token stable. However, if supply is added while demand remains static, their token value falls.
Rewards in Cash or VID
VideoCoin is the first and only project to reward Workers and Delegators with flexible options of cash rewards and VID.
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Get started earning cash by enlisting your servers or PC to work on the VideoCoin Network.
Want to Stake your Tokens?
Learn more about our groundbreaking staking model and begin staking your VID tokens.
The terms, conditions, and delivery dates of the VideoCoin Network Staking Program (“Program”) are subject to change without notice. Participation in the Program is subject to agreement of the Delegator Terms of Service.